How to Get More Targeted Visitor Traffic to Your Jewelry Blog Or Website and Make More Sales

“How do I promote my jewelry website?” is one way of saying, “how do I get more traffic to my jewellery website?” Jewelry blogs often do less than they might regarding attracting visitors, and ultimately customers. The world wide web is more than a way to post photographs and be an extension of one’s business card. If you know how, you can make a website which will draw visitors from the millions of folks searching on the net.

Getting Found by Searchers…

My personal favorite means of getting more traffic to my website is by building keyword focused content pages for getting free search engine traffic. Since folks are generally interested in information on the net, rather than searching for products, this is the better way to get both longterm traffic, and also to build non-salesy connection with your audience first, after which you can obtain the sale later.

The Good news and the Not So Great News About This Traffic Tactic

The good news? If you do it right, this will make certain you get traffic totally free over the long term. Once you set the wheels in motion, if you keep making keyword focused pages, after awhile the only way to switch off the site visitors will be for you to take your internet site down altogether. The bad news? For this strategy to work, you need some patience. This is simply not a get-traffic quick scheme. It will build and grow with time. Okay, Christine, then How Do I Promote my Website with Content?”

Here’s how in a very small nutshell:

Just create content for both search engines like google, and for humans. Be sure the pages are search engine optimized with a keyword phrase that is high in searches but less competitive pages. You would like your content to be both keyword focused, and enjoyable and readable for your visitors.It’s really important to remember that people are buying not the search engines. Make sure you use good sense and give people value as well as optimizing your keyword focused content.

That’s all you have to do to start getting discovered by the major search engines and begin getting targeted visitors for free. The key is to make plenty of these pages and start building a network of relevant pages related to your products in a direct, and indirect way. The key is to please your market. If you can make useful contributions to your market, you will start to be noticed not by the engines, but by people too – and that will start to get you backlinks you don’t even search for ourself. Before you know it, you should have more visitors than you know what to do with.

How To Learn More About Making Your Web Pages Keyword Focused -I wrote a much more detailed article about this on my blog. My article discusses:

How to choose keywords
Links to free tools to find out search volume numbers
How to see how many competing pages you are up against
Where and how many keywords to use (keyword density) for your key

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